Fribel offers the following services:

Epoxy Terrazzo

Fribel is a one-stop source for all your Terrazzo needs. We can support you with design, supply and installation of poured in situ resin systems. We specialize in Thin-set Epoxy Terrazzo. Over the years Fribel has developed a strong professional presence in many leading markets worldwide and has been instrumental with the development and early adoption of Epoxy Terrazzo in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Fribel is the leader in the supply of “Specialty” aggregates like Mother of Pearl, Terra Colore ™ and Terra Spark ™. Mother of Pearl has been our core business over the past 20 years. Fribel has proudly introduced this exiting accent to the Terrazzo industry and has become the undisputed reference ever since. We stock various sizes of Mother of Pearl aggregates of both Classic ™ and Modern ™ Mother of Pearl aggregates. Our Color Aggregates of Terra Colore™ and Terra Spark ™ are man made manufactured aggregates made from a proprietary resinous mix. They come in various colors, shades and sizes. Some are transparent some opaque. Terra Spark ™ is our glorious sparkling aggregates that add an amazing dimension to floors. Terra Sparks ™ comes in metallic colors like Gold, Silver and Copper or it can also be manufactured in a variety of bright colors.

Cast Stone

Working over the years in the Terrazzo industry, Fribel has developed Cast Stone line of tiles with the purpose of capturing the magic of terrazzo and the versatility of resin tiles in one beautiful surface. Most of our tiles are made with recycle products like glass or Mother of Pearl. Our Composite line comes in 6 distinct designs: Basic – Soft – Icy – Pearl - Candy & Intense.